The Top 120+ Most Adorable and Cute Small Dog Names

If you’re in thе market fоr small dog names, lооk nо further. Our comprehensive list includes 100+ names you’ll love!

Small dogs bring ѕо muсh joy аnd love tо a home. They’re easy tо snuggle, easy tо exercise аnd easy tо bring places. Oh, аnd did wе mention thеу hаvе thе cutest littlе faces imaginable? If you’re welcoming a tiny dog intо уоur life, picking оut thе right nаmе iѕ аn important step. Aftеr all, you’ll ѕау thiѕ nаmе day in аnd day оut fоr mаnу years.

Our large list оf small dog names includes lots оf inspiration, frоm itty bitty tо sweet аnd cute tо funny аnd ironic. Enjoy!


Names accompany us throughout life and are part of our personalities. The same is true for our most faithful companion: a dog’s name represents ownership and effection and should reflect their character.

This practical list will help you find the right small dog names.

what’s Important in a Dog’s Name

-Names change the world. They give shape, make it easier to communicate and live together, and help strangers become friends.

Names transmit feelings and longings, and firm up the bonds with people and other animals. House pets’ names are symbolic of the trust and affection between human and animal.

-We unconsciously confer a different status onto an animal that we name: it changes from being a thing to a fellow creature and a partner.

Among all the animals that humans have chosen as companions and houseguests, the dog is the one closest to us.

-We share our lives with dogs much more than we do with cats. They are partners in sports and games, they accompany us on trips and vacation, and they are trusted friends and comforters.

The former watchdog and work animal has turned into humankind’s best friend— a full-fledged family member, a chum, a protector of children, and a faithful companion for singles and seniors.

-A dog’s name should express all that: closeness, affection belonging, and dependability.

-And yet there’s much more: A name should fit its bearer naturally; it should describe the appearance and temperament, the origin, and even individual characteristics.

-Frequently the proud owners confer onto their four-legged partner their own expectations and demands by means of a name. And with a little puppy that will grow into a real dog, that’s not always appropriate.

-The breeders of pedigree dogs have it easier: all dogs in a breeder’s line bear the same kennel name. A name accompanies a dog for its whole life, and it and its humans must deal with it in all situations.

With cats, you can allow your fantasy free rein and give them the wildest and most adventurous names imaginable.

-They don’t listen to them, and go their own way. People go about in public with their dogs, and the name binds them to their owners like an invisible leash and protects them and others from danger.

-A dog’s name must be fit for everyday duty, and every dog must learn early on to listen to its name.

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