33 Cute Smiling Dog Images That Will Make Your Day

If уоu nееd a good laugh, уоu hаvе соmе tо thе right place. Thеѕе funny dog pictures аrе guaranteed tо brighten уоur day!

Hеrе wе hаvе collected 33 Cute dogs Make Yоur Life Happier.

33. Twist the Night Away

dog smile

Dogs with short tails seem to be naturally adept at doing the Twist! Lacking a substantial tail, their whole rump wags and wiggles in an exaggerated expression. Pop in a Chubby Checker album and twist away happily with your stub-tailed friend!

32. Buried Treasure


Fill a large shallow box or old kiddie pool with soil, and bury fun treats and toys in the dirt. Natural diggers love to have their own space to root around in.

31. Chutes and Ladders

Some dogs will take advantage of the park’s playground equipment and shimmy down the children’s slide! Smaller dogs may prefer to ride on your lap. Whee!

30. Leapfrog

Here’s a more elaborate variation on the simple hopping routine. Start in a squat or crouch, and spring upward in your best froggie impression. “Ribbits” are optional.

29. Hip-Hop

Hop up and down! One foot! Both feet! Everyone!

28. Courier Pigeon

Have a message to send to someone in another room of the house? Don’t yell—attach a note to the dog and send him on the errand: “Go find Daddy!”

27. Sockie Ball

Looking for something to do with all of those socks that are mysteriously left without their mates after going through the wash? Roll them up and make a soft ball to throw inside the house.

26. Bowl-O-Rama

Line up your dog’s toys (stuffed animals work best) into the pyramidal arrangement of bowling pins. You then roll a ball into the group, scattering the toys about and watching the dog try to figure out which to rescue first.

25. Piggy-Back Ride

Get down on all fours and coax your dog—small breeds only, please!—onto your back (this may require some help). Once your dog is comfortable on her new human perch, crawl around, transporting your dog around the house or yard. This takes “going for a ride” to a whole new level!

24. Cultural Heritage

Would your Viszla enjoy a polka? Would your Chihuahua like to hear a mariachi band? Does your poodle appreciate the accordion? Try exposing your dog to music from his native land. If your dog has been reluctant to dance, perhaps it is simply because she didn’t know the steps!

23. “ It’s a bird, it’s a plane! ”

Throw on a cape and whirl around the yard like a superhero. Your dog will love being your trusty sidekick and will get a laugh out of your silly outfit.

22. Teach your dog to smile . . . literally!

Start by lifting your dog’s lips to inspect his teeth and gums, all the while repeating the word “Smile!” With time, he will curl his lips back on command, and before you know it, you’ll truly have a smiling dog.

21. Top-Notch Massage

That bony peak atop your dog’s head actually has a name: the nuchal crest. There is no real known purpose for the protuberance, but some more spiritual scholars postulate that it may be the dog’s antennae for mystical energies, and should be massaged regularly for maximum reception.

20. Piñata

Fill a brown paper bag with dog-friendly treats and toys. Smack it open and watch the sky rain Milk Bones.

19. Go, Speed Racer!

Make an obstacle course in your yard and race the dog through it. Again! And again!

18. Wax On, Wax Off

For our Zen pooches, a methodical series of circular massage motions can induce a meditative state that brings doggie serenity!

17. Daddy Longlegs

Form your fingers into your best spider imitation and lightly massage your dog from head to toe. You may notice his skin crawling, but in a good way!

16. Rubbed the Wrong Way

Pet your pup against the grain.

15. Scratch and Sniff

It’s payback time for all that sniffing you get. The next time the dog sniffs you, sniff her back. Make it as loud and reciprocal as you can.

14. Swedish Massage

Very much like your usual massage routine, only brisker, this massage is performed to the beat of your dog’s favorite ABBA tune!

13. Hot Dogs

Rub your pooch down with a cool, wet towel. Relief without the shock! Pay special attention to your dog’s ears and feet. Cooling these spots in particular will guarantee canine comfort. Ahhhhh!

12. Freezie Chew

Soak a doggie rope toy in water, and then freeze it.

11. Play catch.

Throw the ball; let the dog bring it back. A classic. Mix it up with pretend throws, which gets most dogs even more excited. (Just actually throw the ball every now and then.)

10. “Holy ears, Batman!”

Did you know that your floppy-eared dog does a remarkable impression of a fruit bat? Simply lift both ears into the upright position. You’ll be amazed by the transformation! When the ears are in superhero formation, it’s time to play superheroes. Take turns being hero and villain.

9. The Three Little Bears Routine

If you are feeling particularly silly (and no one is looking), give your dog a huge surprise by letting her find you curled up in her bed for a change!

8. Flea Pockets

Scratch the small and seemingly superfluous flaps of skin located at the base of dogs’ ears. Legend has it that these are the fissures in which fleas would retreat to sleep for the evening.

7. Play the “Which Hand” game

by hiding a treat in one of your clenched fists, and seeing if your dog will choose the correct hand.

6. Play hide-and-seek.

Hide a treat in a clever spot and see how long it takes for the dog to discover it.

5. Towel Time

Dry off a damp dog with a towel fresh from the dryer. A warm rubdown is toasty-good fun.

4. Have a night at the movies.

Play a nature video—specifically, a documentary about wolves. If he usually responds to TV, the sounds will inspire interest and possibly conversation with the wolves.

3. Dogs have very expressive eyebrows.

In some cases, the brows differ in color from the rest of the facial hair. These spots are extremely relaxing massage points. Rub the eyebrows gently in small circles, being careful not to poke the dog’s eye.

2. The White-Glove Massage

For a simple variation on more standard massages, try your usual process with a pair of socks on your hands. The sensation is quite different for the dog because you are covering much more surface area with each stroke, and because your hands look funny with socks on them.

1. You are getting very sleepy . . .

Using your index finger, slowly stroke the bridge of the nose in the direction in which the hair grows.

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